Arizona -September Blog-

Hello everyone! This is my first blog for Bridges, so I thought I’d write about where I came from!

I grew up in a town in Arizona called Scottsdale. Arizona is located in the southwest United States, just to the east of California and right above Mexico. It’s a desert, meaning it is very hot in the summer and there is lots of sand and cacti. In July and August it can sometimes get to be 49 or even 50 degrees! On the hottest days it’s even possible to cook an egg on the street! (But if you ever do this, please don’t eat it!)


Not everywhere in Arizona is hot, though. It has many different climates, with cooler regions like Sedona and the Grand Canyon, and even forested towns in the mountains that get lots of snow. It is also a great state for sightseeing if you like nature. There are many spots where you can take beautiful pictures and parts of the state are still all desert. If you ever plan a trip to the US (that isn’t in the summer) I recommend stopping by Arizona for a bit!