Barbecuing in Canada -August Blog-

People in Japan are often surprised at how often I BBQ. Barbecuing in Canada is much more common than in Japan, and is more like a form of cooking than a special event. Most houses have gas lines connected outside, on the deck or patio, so that we can hook up our BBQ to it. It is much more convenient to cook using a gas BBQ than a charcoal one, and cleanup is easy (although nothing can beat the taste of cooking over charcoal!) Even in the cold of winter, we may turn on the BBQ and cook a steak, hamburger or some other kind of meat, even a whole chicken or roast beef. Of course, when the weather is warm, we will often eat outside, but not always. Sometimes a BBQ is a social event with a large group of friends and family, but often we just turn on the BBQ to cook something for dinner.