JIGG Tokyo Board Game Group (August Blog)

Hi all. Continuing on from my last post I would like to introduce you to the social group that occupies most of my free time. JIGG stands for Japan’s International Gamers Guild in the Tokyo/Kanto area. JIGG was started by Steve Brown a.k.a. “STAN” and Kevin Burns a.k.a. “greatpowers” to find gamers and help promote game events in the Tokyo/Kanto area. It has operated since 1992 becoming Japan’s largest and longest running English speaking and bilingual gaming group. Members play roleplaying games, board games, CCGs (Collectible Card Games, i.e., Magic) historical simulation games (wargames), miniatures games (including historical miniatures and games by Games Workshop), and traditional games like chess. Regular meetings are organized at least twice a month though in recent years events can be found almost every weekend. Event organizers bring a number of games with them while attendees are free to bring any games that they own and would like to play. It is fine and quite usual to show up without any games oneself and players setting up games are very willing to provide rules explanations prior to every game. It is a very friendly atmosphere and a great opportunity to mix with foreigners in a casual environment. I hope to see you there someday.


Please follow this link to JIGG: https://www.meetup.com/JIGG-Tokyo