The Importance of Learning

As we embark on a new year.  And a new year of learning.  I would like to share a great lesson from my grand dad.  It related to driving and learning how to drive.  He was a great teacher and taught me a lot.  But the most important piece of advice in terms of learning that he passed on to me was “you never stop learning and if you think you know everything you will quickly find yourself in an accident”.   I did find myself in an accident 2 years after getting my license because  I felt I had the confidence I was over confident I forgot the principles my grand dad taught me that you are learning everyday.  The lesson I learned was never think you know everything and that you must always continue to study, learn and observe the world around you.  I apply this thinking to my everyday life.  I continue to study and improve my skills daily.  And the same can apply to a language, it is a life long learning experience whether you learn something new or practice what you know it is an ongoing process.  There is no end to one course and now you know everything it is a transition to different ways and different approaches.

That is just my thinking and I appreciate all of you for taking the time to read my thoughts.