“Ticket to Ride” (May Blog)

Today I have decided to delve deeper into gaming and provide a closer look at one of the more popular gateway games. It’s called “Ticket to Ride”. On the box: 2-5 players Ages 8 and up 30-60 minutes Ticket to Ride is a simple game: You collect colored train cards and play them on matching colored routes while trying to finish your tickets (goal cards t […]

JIGG Tokyo Board Game Group (August Blog)

Hi all. Continuing on from my last post I would like to introduce you to the social group that occupies most of my free time. JIGG stands for Japan’s International Gamers Guild in the Tokyo/Kanto area. JIGG was started by Steve Brown a.k.a. “STAN” and Kevin Burns a.k.a. “greatpowers” to find gamers and help promote game events in the […]

Board Games: Why? (November Blog)

I have been an avid gamer since I was six years old. My hobby has taken the form of playing role playing games, miniature games and board games. I still maintain this hobby by joining board game events held each weekend around Yokohama and Tokyo. Just the weekend past, I played four games: Skull King – a trick taking game, A Feast for Odin – an economic game […]

Audio Books (April Blog)

One of my passions is to read. But these days juggling a family, chores and work has turned time into a premium commodity. This has led me to using Audible as the means of keeping up with reading while doing chores thus killing the proverbial two birds with one stone.   A couple of years ago, I questioned the value of audio books. Why? Well, listening to an […]

Summer! (July Blog)

  Summer has set in and the weather is hotting up so we are going to the beach. This summer my family and I will be visiting Okinawa for our first time and as such we are getting my daughter used to the sea as much as possible. We have also started taking her to the local pool on Mondays to swim which she enjoys very much. For myself it is good to be ba […]

Christmas Illumination -December Blog-

Xmas greetings to one and all. I hope everyone is enjoying the Yuletide cheer as the run up to Christmas begins. It’s a great time to spend with love ones basking in the night illuminations that have sprung up around Yokohama and Tokyo. I had the good fortune to take my wife and daughter to Shibuya to see the “Blue Cave” situated near the station. The lighti […]

Having fun -May Blog-

Last weekend I had the good fortune to learn about an athletics course in Nagatsuta-cho. My daughter is only 3 years old but she could enjoy herself and burn up all that excess energy. The course consists of 50 obstacles but in addition there are other obstacles for general fun plus the “Tom Sawyer” area for younger kids though it includes some s […]

At the aquarium

“Hi all! Last week I had the opportunity to take my daughter, Sakura who is 2 and2 months, to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise to see the aquarium and watch the dolphin show. She had a great time especially enjoying the live show and the separate aquarium called Dolphin Fantasy. In the photo you can see my wife, Akie, with our daughter. Sakura seems to love sea […]

Visiting Adelaide

12 years is certainly a long time and one may say even more pronounced when we are talking about returning home. The last time I set foot in Australia it was 2003 in the middle of winter. I was welcomed by the inexorable flu that had me bedridden for a stretch and when I’d finally recovered I enjoyed damp and miserable weather with chilly evenings and […]